Travis Brinster began his career as a musician in the Southwestern United States, after receiving a degree in Political Science and wisely turning away from his original intended field: law. Eventually, he picked up a camera and eventually earned an MFA at the prestigous San Francisco Art Institute. He has begun working in film, and has recently started making sound-related work.


His photographs, which can function as cultural studies, depict  his journey from a crumbling mid-west, with its eroded myths to his place in an "alien" culture.  In doing so, he creates a new hybrid identity.

- Reagan Louie

Brinster takes on the national self-image, in his case American.  The tattered environs of US House of Representatives 1994, Balfour comment on the "American Dream" in a way that requires no knowledge of art history to understand.  But if one is "instructed," conversant with the line of American photographers that Brinster references, the images have even more to say.  . . .they combine sophisticated knowledge with immediate observations.

- Meredith Tromble

Mr. Brinster is a multi-talented photographer, videographer and musician whose work regards family, origin and memory. All of the work and music is about truth and meaning, all created with a fine sense of composition.

- Jack Fulton

Worth his weight in dynamite.

- Phoenix New Times